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„Bookmark Export“ ist ein Plugin, welches die Integration der eigenen Blog-Posts in die verschiedensten Social-Bookmarking-Dienste erleichtert. Das WordPress-Plugin bietet Optionen für den Export aller Artikel oder Seiten eines Blogs in einem beliebigen Format. Da unterschiedliche Dienste unterschiedliche Formate benötigen, kann je nach Bedarf die Datei generiert werden.

Wurde die Datei generiert so kann man diese über Import-Funktionen der Dienste importieren. Auf diese Weise bekommt man schnell und einfach wichtige Backlinks aus diesen Verzeichnissen. Für die Suchmaschinenoptimierung sind Einträge in Blog- und Bookmark-Verzeichnisse sehr sinnvoll.

Aktuelle Version: 2.4
Benötigt: WordPress 2.5
Getestet: WordPress 2.9.2

Download (Version 2.4)

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Version 2.4

  • (new) multi-language support! finally! (comes with German and English)
  • (new) support for Browser-compatible Bookmark-Files.
  • (new) support for Linkarena
  • (new) UI has been cleaned up. If you go over a text area using your mouse-cursor you will get additional info.

Version 2.3

  • (fixed) form was stuck after export
  • (fixed) problem with umlauts
  • (fixed) export-button did not appear in some situations
  • (fixed) donation-button in admin-panel
  • (new) completely redesigned user-interface
  • (new) the names of the bookmark-files are now more meaningful
  • (new) links to the most common social bookmarking-services
  • (info) plugin is prepared for multi language support. I will make it public in the next major release

Version 2.2

  • (info) internal debug-release only

Version 2.1

  • (fixed) „Export new only“ function was broken in version 2.0.2
  • (new) you can now specify a time period. The plugin exports every post or page published in this period
  • (new) donation button in the admin-panel (feel free to donate)
  • (info) for users with a large number of posts or pages (>300): please use the new time period-functionality. The WordPress functions are not able to work with that many posts/pages.

Version 2.0.2

  • (fixed) updated one function to use a new WordPress feature

Version 2.0.1

  • (fixed) typos

Version 2.0

  • (fixed) export of large numbers of posts (thanks to Rene Hesse)
  • (new) choose whether you want to export every post/page or just the ones that you published since the last export
  • (new) choose a custom tag-separator
  • (new) plugin is now universal. You can export for whatever social bookmarking service you want.
  • (new) interface-improvements in the admin-panel

Version 1.0.1

  • (fixed) a bug inside the bookmark-file generator.

Version 1.0

  • (new) rewritten main parts of the plugin
  • (new) doesnt require self-created bookmark-files any more.
  • (new) the plugin can now export blog pages as well.
  • (fixed) the plugin works MUCH faster now!
  • (info) since its nearly everything i wanted to achieve with this plugin, its tagged version 1.0 now.

Version 0.5

  • (fixed) some wired behaviors on some Web-servers (Thanks to Kim for debugging!)
  • (info) due to recent changes the plugin should now work on WordPress 2.5 as well!

Version 0.4.2

  • (fixed) an error in the function that writes to the bookmark-files.

Version 0.4.1

  • (fixed) an error within a switch case function

Version 0.4

  • (info) changed the order of tasks which have to be performed.
  • (new) added a submit-button (new bookmark files will be generated when you click the button).
  • (fixed) deleted some redundancies in the code.

Version 0.3

  • (info) changes in code structure, the plugin should run faster now.

Version 0.2

  • (fixed) a typo

Version 0.1

  • (info) initial release of the plugin

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